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Who Are We?

We are manufacturer and supplier of Biotechnological Enzymes and Eco-friendly Auxiliaries for Textile Industries. BioGreen Technochem Pvt Ltd stands for openness, responsibility, transparency. We are an integral part of the world around us. In our ongoing search for cleaner, cheaper and more efficient methods of production we have become one of the India’s leaders in textile auxiliaries and Textile enzymes. With the help of our well trained and highly experienced sales staff we are capable of delivering on time with a long list of satisfied customers.

Our Brands!



Bioprime™ Brand is used for Biotechnological Enzymes Products
Acid Cellulase
Neutral Cellulase
Thermostable Alpha-amylase
Pectate Lyase (Pectinase)
Above all in Concentrated form


Ecoprime™ Brand is used for Eco-friendly Auxiliary Products
Anti-back Staining Agents
Silicone Softeners
Cationic Softeners
Wetting Agents
Acetic Acid Replacement
Other Specialty Products

BioGreen Products!

In our ongoing search for cleaner, cheaper and more efficient methods of production, today BioGreen Technochem Pvt Ltd has become one of the leading and reputed manufacturers of textile enzymes and auxiliaries in India; and offering the most complete range of effective, biotechnological enzymes and eco-friendly auxiliaries from pretreatment to a great finish for textile industries.